10 September 2013

Hidden Geometries

Currently on display at the Tanalois Group - torno Kohime Foundation is a new exhibition of images by Melusina Parkin entitled Hidden Geometries: Details from Virtual Photos. Each image is a detail so removed from its original context that are often unable to identify its origin, although we do have a sense that we're seeing pieces of structures. What now remains aren't the structures that served as the raw material but rather stark geometries of color, light and shadow, and the result is strikingly beautiful. In this exhibition the photographer provides the most comprehensive statement of her aesthetic that I have seen, and even sets aside an area of the gallery to show examples of similar real life artwork by Picabia, Albers, Rothko, Richter and others, pointing to her influences. The entire exhibition is presented in a very appropriate space of the artist's design. Images are available for L$400 each.

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