20 February 2014

Chasing Butterflies

Now open at Tanalois Art and torno Kohime Foundation is the exhibition Chasing Butterflies by Pol Jarvinen. Rezzed on a platform measuring approximately 70x110 meters, the artist has constructed an environment of cages—or at least they could be cages in the abstract, as we can easily move through them, and in most cases their forms entirely overlap, creating a maze of cubes and rectangular prisms. The "bars" on these cages are fine lines that cover all sides, and they're thin enough—or in some cases transparent enough—that we can see through them, in effect looking through the walls of dozens of cages at once. As we move, their textures interact, creating shifting and constantly changing patterns. (This effect is fairly impossible to convey in still photographs, and reminded me of the work of Giovanna Cerise.)

And there are butterflies here and there: some within these cages and some without (including a little display toward the far back wall of the installation—these are free, and fly from us as we approach). Although most of the butterflies are confined, we view them from within their cages, not from the outside—"to experience the feeling of caged animals," Pol explained to me. "Like a labyrinth of cages, [and] some may like the beauty of their cage, some the beauty of freedom." If you enjoy the presentations at the gallery, please consider leaving a contribution at the landing point.

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