08 February 2014


I've often thought to write about Scottius Polke's 2009 build, mushROOM, but for one reason or another never seemed to find the moment. An event today finally prompts a post. Located at Gallery Graine, founded by Graine Macbain, mushROOM is a playful bedroom graced with Scottius's unmistakable colors and textures, and one in which we're proportionally quite tiny—about as high as the trash can in the lower image (and you'll see me there on the edge of the rug, next to a wad of paper I was pushing across the floor). There's something biological going on everywhere—you can dance with amoebas, purple mold is slowly moving in the desk drawer, slimy little monsters are moving about under the bed, and the books have titles like Metaversal Biology. There are lots of poses and things on which to click. (If you can hold your nose, sit on the smelly sock!) And few of these items plus artwork are for sale in a neighboring room.

Today, Saturday, February 8, from 2 to 3 pm slt, Scottius will host a question and answer session about how he built mushROOM, and Soundsmith Kamachi will provide ambient and electronic music for a follow-up party. You'll find tip jars for Scottius and the gallery in the room and at the landing point.


  1. Thank you for this wonderful posting on mushROOM, Ziki! It is in many ways the quintessential SL artwork, vibrant, charming and interactive fun. I really think Scottius deserves a wider audience and am happy he allowed me to host this work. I wish you could have attended the talk/concert. The audience was small but enthusiastic and asked many intriguing questions. and of course, Soundsmith provided an awesome musical soundtrack. Finally, thank you for your kind donation to the gallery to keep mushROOM growing, or glowing...

  2. Graine, thank for hosting mushROOM and for bringing Scottuis's artwork to broader audiences. I'm sorry I wasn't able to join you for the event, but I'm glad to hear it went well. I look forward to seeing future exhibition at your space!