07 February 2014


It's funny how in Second Life trash and decay can take on an almost-romantic quality. Perhaps it's because we can visit and experience places that, were they in real life, might seem dirty and smelly, if not downright hazardous or dangerous. On her sim MIC - Imagin@rium, artist Mexi Lane has opened Trash, a remarkably beautiful assemblage comprised of discarded houses, dark plastic trash bags, and, in a separate heap, books, all accompanied by flocks of gulls that slowly circle overhead. Of course, this isn't a scene you'd see in real life: there's an absurd and almost surreal aspect to it, with books and bags as large as houses, all artfully arranged in a sweeping curve along a bay of water. (Click on these images to zoom in.)

Mexi declines to offer an interpretation, preferring to let the viewer make decisions as to the work's meaning: Is it a commentary on our throw-away society? Or just humorous? That's up to you. (And there is playfulness here: you're invited to tour the trash by taking a ride on either a discarded tire or by commandeering a waste handling tractor.) If you're a photographer, don't miss the opportunity for your images become part of the installation itself through a photo contest—submissions must be made by Sunday, February 9, as the exhibition will begin the following day. More details are available at the landing point. Please consider making a contribution to support MIC - Imagin@rium if you enjoy your visit.

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