08 February 2014

The {Lost} Garden Of Sundarya Lahari

Now open at LEA13 is the first phase of The {Lost} Garden Of Sundarya Lahari by Xineohp Guisse. It's an imaginative and fantastical build: striking out from the landing point, one encounters two large towers connected by an ornate walkway, along with BioPods and other elements—a world created by the Ancients, all exquisitely detailed and bathed in a deep blue light. To fully experience and understand what Xineohp is up to, you might find it helpful to wear the book that's provided at the entrance, which provides an overview of the spaces and their purposes.

Xineohp has provided a detailed story that frames and articulates the formation of the garden: "According to myths, the Ancients discovered a botanical species; a kind of reed that was capable of resonating a sound frequency when touched. The Ancients harvested these reeds and created a meditative and spiritual garden. Quite by accident, the Ancients also discovered a symbiotic creature to the reeds; which they named the Pentapuss. The Pentapuss has the same form and biological structure as the reeds, and fed off the soundwaves made by the reeds. In doing so, their movements amongst the reeds nurtured the growth of the reeds to maturity.

"The Ancients built BioPods and BioSpheres; to nurture these reeds and the young, juvenile pentapussies. They built contemplative Elemental pods at the Chamber of the Ancients, to observe these creatures and plants. They built a music chamber, where they can physically interact with the reeds. In time, the garden grew to become a beautiful space—to contemplate and be as one with the beings that surrounds them."

It's essential to have locals sounds turned up—you'll hear sampling of Xineohp's beautiful cello plucking, an integral artistic element. Also, be sure to find the interactive chamber, where collisions with the reeds will produce music, and the Elemental Pods, where you can view Connie or Blyde (you'll see). Each month over the next five months, Xineohp will add a new "chapter" to the {Lost} Garden Of Sundarya Lahari, amplifying and extending the story. Xineohp is often at the installation and is happy to discuss the build. (Click on any of these images to zoom in—I'll be adding more to my flickr stream.)

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