06 February 2014

The Visitors

Opening tomorrow, Friday, February 7 at 1 pm, at Lost Town - La Città Perduta is The Visitors by Cica Ghost. Known for her playfully whimsical stick figures, most notably in her installations cica and Ghostville, Cica has populated the old city with people, this time in color, and, in many cases, holding umbrellas: there's a steady rain falling everywhere. While most of these characters smile at you from the streets and alleys, you'll also spot some in windows or on balconies. With naïve-like innocence, they're walking their dogs, holding hands, playing guitar, riding a bicycle, leaning against a lamp post, or just gazing. Take your time looking for them, as some take a moment or two to rez (it's a texture-heavy sim, and the rain can be an added graphics challenge).

The twenty or so two-sided characters are all animated, moving a little like cartoon figures as they rapidly shift through their hand drawn frames. In her previous large installations, Cica designed the entire environment, but here needs to fit in, dropping her figures here and there for us to encounter as we explore. She's done this successfully, but I'm not sure it's her strongest work. Still, it's highly enjoyable and worth a visit, and continues in the tradition of excellent installations curated here by AKILAE Gant and sivi Kelberry. If you'd like to stay dry, join the Lost Town - La Città Perduta group and receive a free umbrella at the landing point.


  1. I agree with your comment about the work. Charming at first sight. But is there a second sight behind the first one? Or is it simply missing?
    Maybe the limits of this kind of work are reached here. Then, it would be time to begin with something else. But one think made me happy. No more rust...

    Ms Shilova

  2. That's why I pointed out that she's having to work within someone else's environment. Although the little stick figures are highly memorable, cica, Rust and Ghostville all presented compelling landscapes that were strikingly unique. I'd give her the benefit of a doubt.