09 February 2014

HuMaNoiD Revisited

I thought to revisit HuMaNoiD for my blog today, and was surprised to see how long ago it was that I first wrote about it—years ago, way back in July, 2011. Recently, designer and owner Wendy Xeno updated the sim with new trees and other sundries, moving a few things about, and also switched out the old deep, rich purple and orange windlight for one with a little more subtlety (top image). Originally designed by Wendy to be her private sim (when people discovered it and began to pour in, she was flattered but had to grapple with the loss of privacy), it was a groundbreaking water world with gorgeous views that stretched way into the distance.

Small islands—some just patches barely above the ankle-deep water and some rockier thrusts into the air—are home to grasses, trees, and places of repose (first and second images—click on any to zoom in). There's an air of refuge, of calmness and safety here. Birds circle lazily overhead. If you can, turn you draw distance all the way up—the view is worth it.

But there's more than what's on the ground. At the landing point, you'll encounter a group of seven doors, any one of which will teleport you to a different enclosed environment far overhead. In the third and fourth images here are "let it snow" and "zen moment"—simple, contemplative spaces. Enjoy spaces to dream, to relax, or, with a friend, to cuddle or dance. And if you enjoy HuMaNoiD, please consider leaving a token of support.

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