16 February 2014

MadPea Star-Studded Celebrity Auction

Do you have a crush on Strawberry Singh? Do you wonder what Bryn Oh does for kicks? Well then, head over to the MadPea Star-Studded Celebrity Auction to place a bid on them or one of many other well-known Second Life personalities. People are still being added, but the auction is now open, so far featuring Fugazi Rubanis, Kiana Writer, Bryn Oh, Draxtor Despres, Jaimy Hancroft, Noma Falta, KatRose Serendipity, Kess Crystal, Arduenn Schwartzman, Harter Fall, Chibi Lexenstar, Aikea Rieko, kattington Resident, Iono Allen, Ziki Questi, BlueSean Yiyuan, Rodriguez Munro, Desiderya Dreamscape, Betty Turead, Fuschia Nightfire, Strawberry Singh, Aeonix Aeon, paramparam Papp, Sasha00 Laryukov, Eupalinos Ugajin, Bobbi Bashir, Saffia Widdershins, Logan Ellsmere, Victor1st Mornington, RestlessSoul Blackheart, Taralyn Gravois, Don Mill, Morgana Hilra, Moeuhane Sandalwood, Maya Paris, Clicquot Oh, LaPiscean Liberty, Abramelin Wolfe and cold Frog. I'm going for only L$1,050 right now—a steal!—and Berry just got listed and is at only L$100!

Just click on each person's auction board to get more information about them and what they will (and won't) do on a one-hour date. If you get outbid, your money is refunded and you receive a message that someone else has topped your bid. The auction runs through February 23rd, when it culminates in a series of live appearances by some of Second Life’s most famous artists, creators, musicians and bloggers, all of whom will be available for anyone and everyone to bid on. There’ll also be entertainment and music provided by popular singers and emcees, with KatRose Serendipity, Shannon Oherilhy, Noma Falta, Marky Helstein and Kess Crystal being just a few of over a dozen performers scheduled to appear throughout the day. And this is all for a good cause: the proceeds will benefit the Feed-a-Smile program, which helps feed 400 children daily in Kenya, and also provides education, medicine, food, shelter, and foster care. "Our goal with this event is L$1,200,000, which will feed all 400 kids in the Feed-a-Smile program for a month," says Kiana Writer, Founder and Director of MadPea Productions. "We did a small event for them last year and saw that the whole money goes to them. That's important." Watch below for a message from the kids!

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