19 February 2014

Inara Pey on Ebbe Linden

If you're not a regular visitor to Inara Pey's blog, Living in a Modemworld, you probably should be. This is just a quick note to point you toward her interview (jointly with several other bloggers) with Linden Lab's new CEO, Ebbe Linden, who shares his initial thoughts on the Lab's portfolio and in particular on Second Life.


  1. Hiya!

    Sorry for the late reply, been going bonkers most of the week. Ta for the mention and the link; was an interesting session!

  2. You're welcome, Inara!

    Also, another great resource for Ebbe's interview is Drax's show #7, which went live after I blogged: http://draxfiles.com/2014/02/21/show-7-look-hes-talking/