19 February 2014

The Time Tunnel and Eyeworld

"Walk through the stargate into the event horizon of a surreal parallel dimension," begins Ronda Saunders as she invites us to explore her immersive installation The Time Tunnel. (Indeed, an additional sign cautions us to walk, not run.) Comprised of two long tubular chambers, The Time Tunnel's first half (above) reminded me a bit of Douglas Story and Desdemona Enfield's DynaFleur, although the resemblance is only superficial. Revolving around the cylinder are strips of protruding blocks that wrap about it diagonally, producing an ever-changing environment.

In the second half (second image), we're greeted by a more complex and more active scene as curious lifeforms (some amoeba-like and some with protruding pairs of eyes) appear and then disappear after a few seconds, with particles of light and bubbles whizzing by. At the end of the tunnel, we're invited to continue our journey into Eyeworld (or Eyelands, as it also appears).

Eyeworld (third and fourth images) was originally constructed in February 2013 for an exhibition at Nitroglobus Gallery. It's a surreal and alien place built primarily on two platforms, and eyes are everywhere: on mushrooms, dripping from mushrooms, on the curious TVhead mom and kid, and all on their own, dislodged and darting about. The sim is also home to Ronda's gallery, Gallery Paradiso, but it's currently under construction, so plan to stop back at a later date to enjoy her photography. Thanks to Josef K (apw9900) for encouraging me to visit.

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