22 March 2014

Bright Lights, Dark Shadows

Opening today, Saturday, March 22 at 5 pm slt 2 pm slt at Timamoon Arts is the exhibition Bright Lights, Dark Shadows, featuring photography by Bear Silvershade and Derry McMahon. The title reflects the dissimilar artistic styles of Bear and Derry—the former working in a grayscale monochrome and the latter working in bright colors. And the differences don't end there, with Bear's images being horizontal wide landscape shots and Derry's being more focused on objects around which the scene is framed. But interestingly, they have taken these images in many of the same locations as they explored together, so what we experience is an investigation of one space through two pair of eyes. You can read more about their work on Bear's blog, Explorations.


  1. Thanks Ziki! I should mention though, that the opening reception is at 2 p.m. SLT (Hope it wasn't me that confused you by forgetting to put it on the first round of invitations)

  2. Oh! So sorry—I've done that before, putting my local time in instead of SLT! Fixed, and I hope it's going well! :)