28 March 2014


Opening today, Friday, March 28 at 3 pm slt on LEA23, is Invasion: a Tribute to Greenies Home by Sniper Siemens. If you remember the delightful but long-gone Greenies Home Rezzable, created largely by Pavig Lok, Littletoe Bartlett and Light Waves back in 2007 as the best-known build by the Rezzable group (now entirely gone from Second Life—Greenies Home closed in June 2010 as Rezzable left Second Life with quite a dramatic huff and puff), you'll smile widely upon entering this build. And if you aren't familiar with Greenies Home, which was perhaps the most visited art sim in Second Life for quite a long time, you might be wondering why you'd want to visit a build consisting of a living room, dining room, study and kitchen—the key is that you're about the size of a mouse in this enormous environment. Just go.

You'll arrive outside the house in a little garden area, where you'll see some introductory information—turn your draw distance up to at least 250 meters, for example—and you'll spot some of the curious little creatures who populate the house. They're not the old Greenies, but something similar—styled in the shape of M&Ms as Sniper told me—and they're dropping down from what looks like a spaceship overhead (and a few are descending into the attic from another spot). And from here you enter the house through a little mousehole, and the sheer size of the place will unfold. You can rez a bike if you'd like, or you can rez a go-kart inside one of the cabinets—a racetrack is set up on the floor.

And then set out to explore: there are hidden places everywhere, including the insides of cabinets, drawers, little nooks and crannies. (The third image is a close-up of the underside of the kitchen sink.) I'm sure you'll find the attic (shown below), where a few little creatures are arriving through a broken window. I've often thought how wonderful it would be to experience Greenies Home again, and Sniper's installation, while not a literal copy, is a delightful homage. Sniper thanks Jumbo Core and Spartaco Zemenis for scripting, Duval Lavecchia for textures, and Elettra Beardmore for inspiration. Invasion will remain open through June.

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