09 March 2014

It all starts with a smile

Last May, Kaelyn Alecto announced that her sim, It all starts with a smile, would be closing because of some challenging financial circumstances. Fortunately, she was able to keep it open, and it remained a favorite spot for many to visit—quaint and charming. (I wrote about it here.) Eventually she remodeled the sim with a remarkable new design, and again recently updated it for spring (all with some added landscaping participation from Jac Mornington, superjaix and others).

It's really a stupendous place, and it's clear even as one first arrives that a great deal of thought went into the overall experience—the way a view might unfold as one turns a corner, or a line of sight that might draw one's eye toward a feature. From the landing point, I would recommend first exploring by way of the boardwalk that glides across the water on the south edge of the sim, meandering through water lilies along the rocky coastline finally ending at a lake fed by lush waterfalls. The sim wrap-around contributes to striking vistas and a great sense of depth.

The central part of the island, rising high above, is home to a delightful little village, its clock tower stretching up towards the sky. And everywhere you might go in the sim, you'll discover curios and little spots that are nestled away—and they really can make you smile. If you enjoy It all starts with a smile, please consider leaving a contribution at the landing point.

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