21 March 2014

The Pilgrim's Dawn

If you'd like to see The Pilgrim's Dawn, created by Bowie Zeplin, don't delay—although finished, the build never quite officially opened, and it will disappear about a week from now, to be torn down and replaced by something new. It stands on the site formerly occupied by the glorious Pangloss, and was created by Bowie in response to a request from a client—so it's not generally the kind of environment she would have made for herself.

It's a pastoral setting, with agriculture dominating the hilly land. Sheep, horses and goats graze on the fields and in pens, while a wild bear fishes for salmon in the stream that cuts through the property. The land is surrounded by a broad lake, shimmering with reflections, and, farther in the distance, majestic mountain peaks that thrust toward the sky.

Even if you're sorry to see it go, I can assure you—having seen a peek at what Bowie is building to put in The Pilgrim's Dawn's place—that you won't be disappointed. What's coming is much more her "style"—not the surprisingly traditional look of the farm here but more along the lines of the fantastic coloration that greeted us in Pangloss.

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