31 March 2014

Mac Kanashimi at SperiMentArt

Opening today, Monday, March 31 at 1:30 pm slt, at SperiMentArt (and co-sponsored by SperiMentArt and Tanalois Art), is an installation of fractal works by Mac Kanashimi. Unlike his massive sim-wide installation Dragon Curves that remains on display at LEA26 (about which I've written here), the fractals presented here are on a more personal scale (each of the two displays has a base of about 30 meters across) and alter their shapes every ninety seconds or so.

Mac explains that the exhibition displays seventeen different fractals: tetrahedron, tetrahedron complement, tetrahedron inverted, pyramid, pyramid complement, pyramid inverted, Menger sponge, Menger sponge complement, Sierpinski-Menger, Sierpinski-Menger complement, octahedron, octahedron complement, Vicsek, Greek cross, solenoid, Hilbert and Htree. Plan to spend about 26 minutes to fully enjoy them all as they cycle through.

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