16 March 2014


When you first arrive at Cake, with its pink landscape and cupcake theme—cupcakes are everywhere, literally growing on trees—you might think this charming candyland is all there is to see. Even if it were, the ground level of this multi-layered sim is a delight, with not only cupcakes but also doughnuts, desserts, cookies and other things sweet (and quite enormous), plus some pastoral settings with giant rabbits and the like. But there is much more to see: It's important to catch a ride on the monorail, which might at first appear to simply zip around the sim, but actually transports you to many other locations higher above. (There are several types of trains—the Cupcake Express, the Tentacle Car, the Panda Car and the BW Car—and they all take the same route.)

The ground level is, not surprisingly, Cupcake Station, and you'll travel from there to Photo Planetoid Station, Testing Station (not much to see here), Cosmos Galaxy Station, Cake University Square Station, Rockwood Station, Tentacle Station and Underground Station, and then back to the beginning. Each is a sim-wide installation, and several offer some opportunities for exploration: in particular Rockwood Station, which features a beautiful forested landscape surrounded by mountains; and Tentacle Station (second image), with its interactive elements and striking landscape. I also in particular enjoyed the look of Underground Station (third image), although it's still under construction (as are others in small areas). Thanks to Anita Witt for reminding me about Cake—I hadn't been there in a very long time.

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