18 March 2014

Candy and Drool

Candy and Drool describes itself as a "Psychobilly and Rockabilly Saloon," and features live music events presented by its creator, Jap Katz (Muratsubaki), who has managed to squeeze an impressive amount of stuff into its small parcel. When I first arrived, I was immediately reminded of the venerable sim Kowloon, with its dark narrow passageways, clutter of neon signs, tiny shops and unmarked doorways.

Even if you're not into psychobilly or rockabilly (actually, one sign adds the genres of neorockabilly and just plain rock and roll), you might have a great time exploring Candy and Drool. Near the landing point is a diner (lowest image) sporting decidedly 1950s-era decor, its walls lined with pinups, a band stage in the back corner. If you head down the hallway from the landing point, past the closed tattoo parlor and posters, you'll reach a grimy dance floor. Most of the doors along the hallway don't open, but one that near the dance floor does, and it's easy to miss—it welcomes you into the little Mosquito Bar shown just above.

If you're interested in learning about upcoming events—it is an active club—just join the Candy and Drool group. Thanks to my friend Naxos Loon for prodding me to visit Candy and Drool (twice!), and don't forget to slip a coin in the kitty if you enjoy the experience.

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