08 March 2014

Tyrehl Byk at The Rose Theatre & Art Gallery

Now open at The Rose Theatre & Art Gallery is an excellent display of works by particle master Tyrehl Byk. These are, given the sim-wide scale of some of Tyrehl's works, what we might think of miniatures, and many could easily fit inside a home, attached to a wall or nestled in a corner. Common to many of these works is their high degree of interactivity: for example, in the lowest image here, The Ego's Many Eyes, you'll spot ten buttons at the bottom, and activating various combinations of them changes the particle display. "His work is a lot of fun," remarked curator Kylie Angel Skyborne, and she's right—there's an inclination to let one's inner child come out to play.

It's easy to become mesmerized by the slowly changing patterns and to play with options. Most of the objects are for sale, generally in the L$500 to L$1,500 range, so if you've never owned one of Tyrehl's works—and I haven't seen a display of them like this for some time—this is a good opportunity to pick up a work. Make sure when you visit that you have local sounds turned on, and do take time to explore some of many other offerings at The Rose.

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