20 March 2014

Cinema! Take II

Now open on LEA6 is Cinema! Take II, an installation by Mary Wickentower that celebrates machinima. Similar to its first iteration, the build features a large film house—the Empire Movie Palace—where currently showing is Sakoku: Chained Country by Princess Ambrosia. Outside, a large drive-in screen shows machinima from dozens of Second Life artists. I generally use Firestorm, but wasn't able, even after considerable fiddling with preferences and media controls, to get the screen to cooperate, but the regular LL viewer showed films immediately. The drive-in features quite an enormous list of artists, sorted alphabetically by first name and then by title, proving what looks like hundreds of separate films.

On display in the cinema is an exhibition of images by Melusina Parkin, an homage to the building and the sim itself, and I'm always delighted by her photography. Some additional artworks by other artists are on display in an adjacent space. Mary notes that particle shows, sock hops, and performances will be announced—and tonight, Thursday, March 20 at 8 pm slt, will be the Hip Hopin' Sock Hop. Cinema! Take II is part of the LEA Full Sim Art Series and will be on display through the month of March.

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