01 April 2014

Gallery OmWa

If you enjoy hopping around to Second Life's many fine arts galleries, there's a new one to add to your list: Gallery OmWa. Officially opening tomorrow, Wednesday, April 2, the gallery is owned and curated by partners Om Feden (Ompro) and Waer Feden (waer), and is currently showing works by JJ Goodman, Atomo Feden, Boris Twist and Benjamin Glendale, in addition to works by the curators. The gallery is housed in a lovely structure by Fanatik Architecture (Kendra Zaurak) that I had seen before and thought would make a great display space, and Om and Wear have appointed it invitingly — don't miss the outdoor café on the top level. (And don't miss the two art spaces outdoors on either side of the building.)

"We have been exploring the multifaceted aspects of this our truly remarkable virtual world every moment we can," says Om, adding, "Being inspired and taking inspiration from many of our sim visits, along with our growing number of close, talented and creative friends we decided it was time to 'payforward' all the support we have had in our growth." They intend to rotate exhibitions on approximately a monthly basis, and artists are welcome to apply to have their work shown. If you enjoy your visit, please consider leaving a contribution in support of Gallery OmWa.

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