18 April 2014


Now open at Lost Town (La Città Perduta), curated by sivi Kelberry and AKILAE Gant, is Becoming by Meilo Minotaur and CapCat Ragu, which continues a tradition of strong artworks cleverly installed over the existing cityscape and environment. In this case, the artists provide a brief statement: "For the French philosopher Pierre Lévy the virtual does not oppose the real. Virtuality is not about possibility, but about potency. The possible is just like the real but without an existence. There is no realization for the virtual, only the potency of what it may become. Virtuality is in the intangible moment between what was and what will be."

At the landing point, the town square has been transformed into an almost ethereal and unearthly place, lit by a milky glow, with slowly moving bluish-green circles of light wandering across the cobblestones, gentle blue spheres drifting through the air, crows circling overhead, and hauntingly beautiful notes whispering in the air. (A still image such as the one at top won't quite manage to capture the effect.) The birds, you'll soon discover as you begin to explore, wandering into many of the dwellings and buildings throughout the town, are ubiquitous — in one place actually zooming inside a small room toward a human figure (third image) — as are the fluted notes, which seem to follow us everywhere. Be sure not to miss the large glass dome, which has been turned into something on a swarming aviary.

As has been the case with many other installations at Lost Town, sometimes there are moments when we're not sure what we're seeing is part of the original build or part of the new overlay by the artists, which is testament to the remarkable sensitivity that many of the artists have employed in designing their installations. There's also a special treat this time: four "Becoming Avatars" are waiting for you as gifts. Search for eggs — you'll know when you spot them in four distinct locations — that present you with these striking avatars, continuing in the theme of birds and feathers (two unisex, one male and one female). And if avatars are your thing, be sure to join the Lost Town group, because you'll also discover a room filled with additional free avatars provided by sivi and AKILAE.

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