22 April 2014

Petrovsky Preservation

Regular blog readers will know of my recent "campaign" to raise awareness about the need to save a remarkable art installation, a Petrovsky flux, hosted by the University of Kansas Spencer Museum of Art. Most art installations, even in real life, rarely last for years, and the flux's run in Second Life has already been remarkable — but it's a seminal work and continues to astonish visitors, new and old. I'm happy to report that Stephen Goddard, associate director and senior curator at the Spencer, recently contacted me to cheerfully say, "We will be able to keep Petrovsky going, thanks to good communication and clarity with Linden Lab and to the generosity of those who have been contributing." Several people have contacted me over the past month asking how to help, and now you can: a tip jar at the landing point (and I believe there's another one somewhere too) is waiting for you, and clearly says that all contributions will go toward tier. The tip counter was well into five figures, but Stephen just reset it, so don't be alarmed if it seems that hardly anything has been collected. So head to the flux, grab your noggin protector, make a contribution, and enjoy the show. (Or you can make a contribution in real life via the museum's website.) Thanks to everyone who helped raise the discussion (with a special nod to my friend Inara Pey, who wrote about it and was also in touch with the museum, and to Ebbe Linden, who came inworld to visit!), and especially to the Spencer Museum of Art for hosting this virtual masterpiece.


  1. Fantastic News! And you were a major part of the effort to save this Ziki! A job well done.

  2. This is great news, Ziki! Thanks so much for alerting us about the risk of losing such remarkable installation.

  3. Agreed, Eddi and Indigo, great news. I hope the flux is around for a long time — it's one of the most fantastic places in SL.