10 April 2014

Gallery Ai

Several days ago, artist Betty Tureaud opened a new space, Gallery Ai, on the Danish Visions sim, and it will serve as a showcase for her works as well as those by other artists. On the ground level stands a gallery housing primarily two-dimensional works and some smaller sculptures — currently on display are items by Jenn Villota, Avoid Clarity, Trill Zapatero, Amona Savira, Ronda Saunders, Gem Preiz, Tigre Milena, Mel Schaller, Talullah Winterwolf, Fae Varriale, Kira Westland, Annouk Gourdou, Mathilde Vhargon and Igor Ballyhoo (click on any image to receive a notecard) — while an outdoor sculpture park is hosting works by Mikati Slade, Celestine Ghiardie, Igor Ballyhoo, and Betty Tureaud.

Overhead are a number of larger artworks by Betty, and to reach these simply click on the rocket, which will teleport you up to the first location, which features an enormous torus into which you can climb to explore. ("I never gave that one a name," laughed Betty when I asked what to call it.) To continue on your journey locate the rocket, and teleport to Atlas "holding the new world — the information world" (second image). From here you can step outside to find another rocket, but first you should click on the small blue ball, which takes you on a detour to nuage tunnel spacio temporel, a work co-created by Betty and Shenn Coleman (third image) — just stand up there to fall back to Atlas.

Your next stop will be Gaia, a work from the LEA installation of the same name, and then the rocket over her will take you up to Life Is a Tumbler. After dropping down through several levels (you'll see), you'll eventually end in The Circuit (lowest image), which is your last stop before returning to the ground. I'm including slurls here you so you can also visit these works directly. Many of the installations are most enjoyable with a friend, so bring a guest or two when you visit.

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