13 April 2014

Roll of the Dice

Opening today, Sunday, April 13 at 1 pm slt at the MBK Gallery, curated by Asmita Duranjaya, is Roll of the Dice by Haveit Neox, an installation that investigates environmental issues. In each of the six nooks of the intimate gallery, the artist has created a small artwork to represent an environmental gamble: human population (overpopulation with resulting depletion of resources), earth changes (human induced climatic change), deforestation (losing biodiversity), ozone depletion, acid rain and 160 dead zones in the oceans, in addition to a seventh area (the "seventh face on a six sided die") on the back wall of the gallery on species extinction. Haveit's vignettes blend in seamlessly with the gallery environment, even extending up onto the ceiling, and an explanatory notecard provides more information. Roll of the Dice will remain on display through May.

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