04 April 2014

You Wear That Face

Opening today, Friday, April 4 at 2 pm slt, is an installation by Blue Tsuki entitled You Wear That Face, presented by the Assis Art Gallery and curated by Joaopedro Oh. I hadn't seen anything recently by Blue, so I was delighted to visit this new space, which sits high above the gallery. "We all wear masks," says Blue. "In SL we present ourselves with a mask every day. In this landscape find a hole in the ocean, armillary spheres of orbiting electrons, shafts of memory and our masks. You Wear That Face is a nexus, a vortex, an analogue of neurons and a self reflexive look at our mask in a sideways dream."

It's all that and more, and lovely to view. Extending on a wide horizontal plane, the installation employs simple elements to beautiful visual effect: a cascading and mesmerizing field of lavender particles, four masks, four rectangular tubes with antique photos (the shafts of memory), golden orbs floating overhead, and a spiral of prims underneath that reference the masks we wear every day in virtual worlds. Clicking on the masks or the shafts will animate you and grab your camera, so be sure to try them all. While you're visiting, take time to explore the rest of the gallery — there's a teleport right at the landing point — and today is the official opening of the new gallery space.

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