08 April 2014

Alpha Tribe

Many readers may be familiar with Alpha Tribe's fantastic and fanciful avatars (about which I'll write more soon — I think of these creations as wearable artwork), created by Alpha Auer and her alternate personas Grapho Fullstop, Alpho Fullstop, Xiamara Ugajin and Amina Diavolo. Alpha is also the creator of standalone works such as the recently opened Blueprint City, stationed high above the Alpha Tribe sim, and 5555555 55555 555, which was included in a group exhibition at an LEA sim curated by Giovanna Cerise last year.

After completing Blueprint City, Alpha turned her attention to the ground level of the Alpha Tribe sim, and it's now open and awaiting visitors. In contrast to the evocative gold, emerald and black world of Blueprint City, the ground level largely explores black and white, with only occasional bursts of color (stunning nonetheless, with exquisitely wrought textures), and presents a collection of various smaller artworks that co-exist admirably as a cohesive whole. The aforementioned 5555555 55555 555 (top image) is among them, as are the Cage, Bowie's Garden (lowest image), Candy Cane (second image), Cone House, Construct, Azimuth and Cypher (a pair), Fern House, RGB, Ship of Fools, Dot Matrix, 20 Below, Miii-Rooo, Pastorale, The Enchanted Forest and the Tower of Heteronyms (detail, third image). (A couple of these are in sky spheres as part of an intermediate level that Alpha may add to, and there was an additional place Alpha showed me called Scaffold, but I've track of it!)

Some of these small vignettes (or "follies" as Alpha likes to call them) are associated with avatars — for example, when you visit the Grid House you'll see a vendor for the Alpha Loves Grids avatar, or when visiting Miii-Rooo you'll find an avatar of the same name, inspired by Miró. These supplement the selection of avatars you'll spot near the landing point, and more are available at the Alpha Tribe store in Insilico, which offers a more comprehensive assortment. As you travel about and explore, be sure to have local sounds turned up — many of the follies have associated soundscapes. Alpha has turned on object rezzing for sixty minutes. I'm sure contributions are welcome, but instead you can just buy one or more of the avatars enjoy your new look!