17 April 2014

Spanish Wells

There are surfing sims in Second Life, and then there is Spanish Wells, owned by shannon Cardalines, who recently commissioned noted artist Cica Ghost to create a unique landscape. It's always nerve-wracking as an artist or landscape designer to create a space for someone else, because you know that changes to your original design or concept are inevitable, but this seems to have been a happy partnership, and the result is remarkable and unique.

From overhead, the land is roughly a crescent moon in shape, wrapping around a central area where surfing is the thing to do. For the beach, Cica has created things out of sand — castles that remind one of Little Village, a slowly moving figure with shovel — in addition to her curious trees, flowers, grasses, birds, fishing nets and other little oddities that cluster here and there. (A couple of the sand castles seem to be partially washed away.)

Of course, this is a beach sim, and so, in addition to Cica's striking landscape, there's a purely recreational aspect to it. Near the landing point you'll spot a hang glider that you can use to sail the skies, and then naturally there's the surf: just head to to the beach and click on the quirky flowerpot, which rezzes surfboards. The SSI is probably the best for starters (lowest image here), and there's one for couples (the LSD Tandem). If you haven't surfed before, just paddle out to the waves, turn to catch one, and your board should do the rest. Ingwë Weames has programmed a special music channel just for the sim, so check that out while you're visiting too.


  1. shannon CardalinesTuesday, 22 April, 2014

    Thank you Ms Questi for sharing the sands of Spanish Wells. Happy waves!

  2. Shannon, you have a unique place, and I hope it's around for a long time to come. :)