09 April 2014

Carnival of Architecture

For years, the Paper Tower has stood high over the ACC Alpha sim, where architect Haveit Neox builds and creates. Reaching about 175 meters into the sky, it dominates the skyline, but as of tomorrow (April 10), on its fourth anniversary, it will disappear, to be replaced with the Paper Observatory that Haveit unveiled on LEA25 in January as part of the Interim Project. At 2 pm slt, a Carnival of Architecture will begin with a parade, and then at about 2:20 to 2:30 vendors will be set up that will allow the purchase of wearable architectural objects (domes, cages, pillars and so on) so that you can join the fun.

As Haveit says, "Visitors to the event can click for free architectural attachments and choose to wear their selections, fly around dressed in walls, pillars and domes, and by joining other participants, build their own humorous version of an Observatory. For the finale, the new Paper Observatory [shown below in its LEA25 configuration] will descend onto the festive revelers, bringing the anniversary into a raucous collaboration of performance art." While you're enjoying the Carnival, be sure to explore the remainder of the sim, which is rich with history and things to discover.

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