04 April 2014

A Petrovsky Flux Revisited, Again

There are times when events unfold so quickly that errors or misunderstandings, once started, can carry on with lives of their own. Two days ago, after having been alerted to the imminent closure of a Petrovsky flux, I contacted Cutea Benelli (one of its two creators), who informed me that it appeared as though the Spencer Museum of Art would no longer be able to afford the sim. So I then contacted the Spencer, and was informed that — in addition to the issue of cost — they had been having account and billing issues with the Lab, and that those issues were adversely impacting the situation. So when I blogged about the closure I suggested that the Lab had some culpability.

Now it turns out that, in fact, there weren't any account issues — it was an internal miscommunication within the museum (no ill will intended, I am certain). I apologize for having suggested that the Lab was part of the problem — those reports simply turned out to be unfounded. It's really up to the Spencer if they want to continue to operate the sim, and if I were them I would work to develop a model for sustainable philanthropy inworld — I would be happy to work with them on this. (Several people have already approached me offering assistance — it's not my sim, but I will see what I can offer and arrange.) It was delightful that Ebbe Linden logged in and visited the flux yesterday, and I appreciate his gesture.

Inara Pey has invested considerable time in helping to untangle the situation at a Petrovsky flux (thanks, Inara!) and, as I write this, is about to post something, and I'll link to that when her post goes live. [Edit: it's here.] For more reading on the complex issue of preserving art sims (or other — what might we call them? — "signature?" sims), Saffia Widdershins posted on Prim Perfect Keeping great sims on the grid is not Linden Lab’s responsibility. It is ours. — and responses there from Jo Yardley, Crap Mariner, Chestnut Rau and others are as important as the post itself, presenting impassioned and divergent perspectives.

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  1. A big thanks from those of us at the Spencer Museum of Art for all your enthusiasm and support for a Petrovsky flux! We are looking into our options to keep the sim running. We greatly appreciate all the effort and hard work coming in from friends and bloggers like Ziki Questi, Inara Pey, Eddi Haskell and StrawberrySingh. I know that blotto and Cutea join me in thanking you all. We will share updates when we have them.