12 April 2014

Heartseed: The Wild Side

Now open at LEA6 is Heartseed: The Wild Side by Jedda Zenovka, created as part of the Full Sim Art Series and on display through April 30. Visitors who have enjoyed Jedda's personal space, Heartseed (about which I wrote here several months ago) will see an immediate aesthetic connection. I don't usually post entire artist statements, but in this case it's warranted, as Jedda describes her work so aptly: "One of the things I love about creating in this medium is that you can express the energy so easily.

"Animism is the spiritual belief that everything is alive. I try to recreate this within the digital domain. Cybertech designs that fuse naturally with organic forms; water, sounds, plant-creatures, interdimensional entities that blend into the ocean forest ecology of my environments so that it is impossible to tell where one ends and another starts.

"Take a wander through a textured cyboriginal landscape which evokes healing emotions and crystallises into moving, living sculptures; descriptions of ideas and experiences inspired by both human life of aspirations and necessities and with the practicality of hands-on permaculture in the rain forest.

"While our minds and imagination evolves into the digital domain, our hands and naked feet remember the earth and other elements from which we are made. Dreamtime in this sense is the crossing over of two worlds; vision becomes solid and solid becomes visionary. It is instinct and the heart which guide us into and through this journey. The freshness of water, the spirit of a particular plant or mineral, is crafted into new form; the artist becomes the living conduit through which such essences express themselves.

Reach for the stars . .. Put your hands in Earth!"

Today, Saturday, April 12, Jedda continues the festivities on the sim with sixteen hours of DJs, beginning at 1 pm slt and continuing through Sunday at 5 am slt, so stop by if you haven't already had a chance to visit. When you arrive, click on the whitest of the images that surround you to receive a free and fun gift.

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