15 May 2015

Barefoot Wanders

On LEA9, artist Rosie Renfew has created Barefoot Wanders, a space that invites explorers — and especially photographers — to contribute to the artwork itself. This half-sim build includes several pastoral environments in enclosed spaces, located well into the sky, a couple of which are depicted here. Visitors are encouraged to use the spaces for their own photography, and to subsequently upload images that will either be displayed inworld, as shown in the third image here (hard to see, but I'm watching a television that's showing a loop of contributed textures), or to a flickr group. Each landscape has a corresponding "screening room" area.

Even though we're invited to display our images inworld on the screens as shown below — an attempt, certainly, to engage visitors — we can't actually see who took them, and for that flickr remains the sole option for high resolution images that are tagged to show their creators. I love photography in picturesque rural settings, but the lack of direct sun in a skybox environment substantially limits the windlight options, and so I found myself wondering what this really presented over outdoor alternatives. All the same, you might enjoy seeing what you can create, and it's interesting attempt to provide the photographer with a way of participating.

1 comment:

  1. I liked the screening rooms. Here are 4 I did: https://flic.kr/p/stqitF