22 May 2015

The Vineyard at Checkmate

The Vineyard at Checkmate, designed by Amae (Amelia) Moriarty, is, simply put, one of the most beautifully designed sims on the grid — visually striking and engaging with great vistas, lots of areas to explore, and plenty spots for relaxation. It's a "rambling vineyard enveloped by a hazy sky," as she describes it, inviting guests to "wander through the grapes as they soak up the sun, producing the best vintage of pixel wine on the grid."

Visitors arrive high up on a tall outcrop of rock on the southeast corner of the sim, and from there can catch a glimpse of lands below and the other stone formations that encircle most of the island. From the landing point, one can ascend slightly higher to an enclosed stone gazebo, or instead descend a twisting path along the rock face to the valley floor. And there, true to the sim's name, is an extensive vineyard, its mature grape vines growing north to south, supported by trellises stretching in long rows. Nearby, a winery awaits with oak casks and bottles, and some tastings would appear to be available (image below).

But there's much more to see, and The Vineyard at Checkmate the sort of place that seems larger than a single sim: as one explores, something crops up around every corner, whether a place to relax, a gorgeous view, a building to explore, a strip of land leading out toward a lighthouse, or yet another path beckoning visitors to a further location. (Don't miss the hot tub and floating lanterns high on the rocks on northeast corner.) The sim's default windlight setting, shown in most of these images, is a hazy sepia that evokes a beautifully nostalgic feel. (With thanks to Bitacora Viajera, where I initially spotted images of The Vineyard at Checkmate.)

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