10 May 2015

Life in a Bowl

Opening today, Sunday, May 10, at 12 noon slt, is Life in a Bowl, a new sim-wide installation by Cica Ghost. On this deserted tropical island, captive giant fish languidly survey the landscape, trapped inside enormous tanks and bowls. They, along with the palm trees, slowly drift about, lending the entire scene a lazy, humid atmosphere.

While many of Cica's recent creations have focused on architectural elements — Dr. Suess-like buildings that twist against the sky — here the interest is more on the local level, as the fish themselves are the curiosities: we wonder what they're thinking and whether or not they're cognizant of us. (Or, indeed, if perhaps enclosures are their homes — maybe they're not captives at all.) Life in a Bowl should remain on display for several weeks; please consider leaving a contribution to support this and forthcoming installations.

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