09 May 2015

Second Annual Lollygagger Lane Art Festival

Opening today, Saturday, May 9, from about noon until 6 or 7 slt, is the Second Annual Lollygagger Lane Art Festival. A number of artists who have participated in past events at Lollygagger have been invited back to create new installations and exhibitions, including Piedra Lubitsch, Kandece Weissbrod, Fae Varriale, Serra Qendra, Ziki Questi, Takni and misio2, Rob Barber, Fuschia Nightfire, and Firery Broome. (In my case, I'm displaying eleven recent works, all of which are available for purchase.)

The various installations and exhibitions are strew all over Lollygagger in small buildings (the slurl above lands you in the main gallery up on the hill), so be sure to explore thoroughly. Works by Tanki and misio2, which are some of most enjoyable (and interactive — one pictured below) are located overhead at various locations, reachable through teleports. It's the hope of the organizers that this event will help support Relay for Life — please consider making a contribution at one of the kiosks located throughout the area.

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