18 May 2015

It all starts with a smile

Last month, Kaelyn Alecto and Maxxster Resident re-opened their lovely sim, It all starts with a smile (about which I've previously written here and here), and it's certainly the best iteration yet of their occasionally transformed home. Explorers are welcomed by an adorable seaside resort (image above), its rocky coastline home to various small shops that no doubt beckon to summer visitors — a bookstore, a bakery, a coffee shop, a newsstand, a tailor, and so on. On the northwest corner, overlooking both town and sea, a lighthouse stands guard, signaling to passing ships.

As the beaches wrap around the outer edge of the island, sandy spots appear that offer fun relaxation — poses abound here and indeed throughout the region. (Below, we're jumping off the edge of a boat anchored just off the shore.) The interior of the island is a pastoral scene with winding paths that lead to myriad destinations, all charmingly appointed, so that the space feels larger than a single sim. (Be sure to find the hidden tunnel.) It's all exceptionally picturesque, and a delightful place to explore. Please consider leaving a contribution if you enjoy your visit.

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