19 May 2015

Molly Bloom's Art Gallery

Fans of Molly Bloom's artwork will probably know of her gallery — simply entitled Molly Bloom's Art Gallery — but if you haven't visited it's more than worth the time. I've written about Molly's beautiful images more than once in these pages, and although she describes her own work as surrealistic and erotic there's much more to it, including a healthy dose of humor. Among the dozens of artworks in her gallery are quite a few of her creative trompe-l'œil assemblages (as above, with the television and popcorn literally out of the picture frame).

Each of the fanciful images is itself a carefully composed work that suggests a narrative, with subjects ranging from the Biblical to rock and roll. (But be forewarned: if nudity or dark humor easily offends you, then it might be best to arrive with an open mind.) The gallery, which was designed by Kaishun Oleander, supports the artworks elegantly. All items are for sale, but even if you're not planning to make a purchase you'll likely enjoy the exhibition itself.


  1. Love both your blog and Molly's gallery, Ziki!

  2. Molly Bloom's Art Gallery is so beautiful!! Last year I saw her creations at the gallery space for rent NYC. It was an amazing feeling to attend her event. Anyway, keep sharing such stuff!