08 May 2015


Fans of the departed sim Starfall (about which I wrote here and here) will be delighted to learn that designers Nezzy (Inez Pennell) and Imp (Cinderr Resident) now invite us to visit WindWept, a water sim of great expanse, with views that stretch clear across from one side to the other. Hearkening to Starfall, the sim features clusters of large bounders and trees (many leafless, but some swaying gently in the cool breeze) emerging from the water's surface, with isolated spots here and there to sit or relax, alone or with others.

Overlooking the scene, perched on a high outcrop of rock, is a delightful and beautifully decorated coffee house that offers a chance for indoor respite. And, if you explore carefully, you'll discover its counterpart, an underground room beneath the waters. But even more awaits: near the landing point, you'll spy four windows. Clicking on them (or, at the moment, on three of the four) takes you off to other hidden environments: a park (lowest image), a seedy motel, or cosmic playground. (Presumably a fourth location is in progress.)

For photographers, the opportunity is present to rez objects by joining the land group, and Nezzy and Imp encourage you to share you views of the sim on their flickr group. (These images use the sim's default windlight setting, but several photographers have obtained excellent results with others.) Roamers of the grid will certainly appreciate the photogenic region's beauty and quietude.


  1. Thank you for another beautiful write-up Ziki, much ♥ nezzy

  2. That location looks so gorgeous, thank you for sharing.