24 May 2015

Crestwick Island

Opening today, Sunday, May 24, at 12 pm slt, is a beautiful new sim created by noted photographers Isa Messioptra and Cipher (Ciphertazi Wandin), Crestwick Island. Central to the island is the town of Crestwick, built mostly along Broad Street, featuring Crestwick Community Bank, Broad Street Medical, the Crestwick Chronicle, a record shop (Vinyl Explosion), Saffronia's Used Books, a dance and yoga studio, a gas station, The Best Little Hair House in Crestwick, the offices of certified public accountant Joseph M. Rosenberg, the charming Rosewater Cafe, and other locations. The scrappy town seems to have seen better days, but it still has some life to it, and the old Te-Amo cigar shop is being renovated. One of the most interesting spots in town is surely the church — but I'll leave it to readers to discover what awaits in its crazy interior.

Overlooking the town, perched on a high rock, is an observatory, complete with an alien under examination. And wrapping about the town and island are a multitude of picturesque spots, many with single or couple poses, including a charming marsh that looks out over the waters. (And be sure to find the camping site nestled under the observatory — descend via the rope.) "It's like a big photoset," Isa explained to me as we walked about. "People are welcome to roleplay, though." She and Cipher created many of the objects and textures throughout Crestwick, and the sim is also home to a gallery for Isa's photography, which is not to be missed. If you enjoy your visit, please consider leaving a contribution for the island's support.

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