25 May 2015

Pandora Box of Dreams

One of the most striking places on the grid, Pandora Box of Dreams currently hosts the third iteration in an ongoing series of builds, this time entitled Dream 003: The River Dream. Creator Lokhe Angel Verlack (Jackson Verlack) tells me that "the setting changes every two to three months, depending on my inspiration. River Dream is mostly inspired by the creator {anc} and his really unique items. It used to be my photo sim, but I decided to open it to the public so everyone can take photos and relax."

And indeed, anyone interested in photography will be immediately drawn to this space. Set amid inky darkness and blackened water (be sure to use the default windlight settings), items created primarily by aki69, the talent behind the {anc} brand, are distributed in an almost dream-like state, wrapped by boulders and infused with trees. Throughout the entire build are many options for poses and relaxation, and the music stream melds beautifully with the environment. "I believe it will be set up until the end of June," Lokhe told me, "but I don't really have a date, because dreams, creativity and inspiration can't be predicted."

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