24 August 2015

Adieux, Forgotten City

I seem to be writing quite a few posts about places closing in recent weeks, and the trend continues with the news that Forgotten City, a magnificent sim that has long stood as one of Second Life's most architecturally beautiful locations, will close its doors in September. (See here for an old post I wrote in 2012.) Mandy Marseille, the city's owner, announced the impending closure in a post on SLUniverse that also provides some interesting historical background, and details how she and her colleagues have attempted to keep the sim afloat.

In addition to the striking and majestic columns and buildings that greet visitors on the city exterior (not to mention its delightful automated inhabitants), Forgotten City has a few hidden-away locations that ardent explorers will no doubt discover, such as the power generator, the winter park, and the playful JD Mechanical Toy Factory, featuring creations by Jenne Dibou, piloted in the sky by a grouping of zeppelins. A specific closing date hasn't been provided, but from the sound of Mandy's post the sim will close its doors sometime in late next month.

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