29 August 2015

The Art of Seduction

Now up at The Art of Seduction Gallery, owned by Sirenity Soon and Lelu Anatine, is a beautiful inaugural exhibition featuring works by Sisi Mortensen, Peace, Gunnar Cadeyrn, Strawberry Singh, Jammie Hill, Pink Sky, Lana Quicksand, . Kiki, Ayla Barzane, Mr. & Mrs. Munro, Charlie Namiboo, Kirin01 Resident, Jordan Giant, Bevie Oh, and Keely Mistwood. The exhibition opened on July 15 and was to close on August 15, and I had intended to write something about it prior to an August vacation — but as it's still on display, this is a quick post to suggest those with an interest in erotic photography pay a visit before it disappears.

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