20 August 2015


Now open is Strings, a new creation from Cica Ghost. In the courtyard of an ancient villa, set amidst a surreal landscape, a band of musicians performs for onlookers and visitors. The band numbers five: two violins, a bass, a cello, and a piano, their music heard via the region's stream, all complemented by a number of stone cellos sprinkled around the landscape that offer single and couple dances. From the the windows and balconies overlooking the performers, other inhabitants look down, some with apparent criticism or disinterest, while others stand on the courtyard stones or surrounding earth.

It's possible to wander into the villa, and one will immediately discover that the beings there are giants to us ("all from the same planet," remarked Cica), and will see that the rooms are furnished with distinctively quirky decor — beds, rugs, draperies, bookcases, paintings and so on. Outside, past the bounds of the patio, one encounters an arid landscape of scrappy grass, bushes, bare trees and protruding stones, all surrounded by quiet waters. The region's windlight, shown here, is a custom one by Cica, and provides an optimal viewing experience.

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