01 August 2015

Farewell to The Trace Too

The Trace, designed by Kylie Jaxxon, long stood as one of Second Life's most lovely regions — changing with the seasons, it was immensely popular with explorers and photographers. But in 2014, faced with a sudden diagnosis of leukemia, Kylie closed the sim, feeling the need to focus on her health. As her condition improved, in March she reopened the sim as The Trace Too, a summery beach with sweeping vistas about which I wrote here. In the past few weeks, however, Kylie deleted her Second Life profile and her website, reopening concerns among friends that her health challenges have renewed.

A group, led by Hippie Bowman, Lenni Foxtrot, Trinity Yazimoto, Seductive Dreamscape and others, quickly stepped in to help support The Trace Too. Based on their best knowledge of Kylie's wishes, the group has decided that the sim not be kept open longer than the current month — rather, accrued funds will be donated to the American Cancer Society via Relay for Life.

Trinity Yazimoto has organized a special art auction that runs from August 2 to 10, featuring photographs recently taken at The Trace Too. As pictured here, the unique images are positioned near their subjects. Funds from the auction will also be contributed to ACS, and presently — the list will probably grow, although the cutoff for submissions is approaching — the artists who have presented works include Eddie Haskell, Leonorah Beverly, Gidgette Adaggio, Seraphiel Galaxy, ScarlettElizabet, SereneDean, Kaelyn Alecto, Lumiette, Pearl Grey, Lo Coeur, Pinkrayne, Bamboo Barnes, Maxie Daviau, Skinninylla, Sabastian Melmoth, Hillara, Coober Galicia, Terravive, Becca, Chrysterox, Masquerade Snowbear, Lizz Avon, Rosy Highwater, and Tripp Nitely. For more on the auction, visit Trin's image here on flickr. Thank you all those who have come together to support The Trace Too in this final month, and especially to Kylie for having shared her beautiful creation with the community.

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