05 August 2015

Kylie Jaxxon and The Trace Too

A few days ago, I wrote about the impending closure of The Trace Too, and, even more importantly, about concerns for Kylie Jaxxon — but, as it turns out, for the moment all is well. "I've missed it so much," Kylie told me today, as she returned to Second Life and The Trace Too, dispelling rumors that she had passed away. "I am alive and well for the time being, and my intention is to keep The Trace going."

"I can't believe all people have done here — I am just now getting back on my feet and thought The Trace would be gone for sure ... I appreciate it so much. Just not quite sure how to go about letting everyone know." And so Kylie asked if I would post a note here to let everyone know that she's back, and to express her thanks to the community for having stepped in to take care of The Trace during her absence. She would like to express thanks to everyone who stepped forward to organize and participate in the art auction, which will continue. (Special thanks to Charlie Namiboo for her help with this post.)


  1. Well this is very good news indeed! Welcome back Kylie! Or to be more specific about it, we are glad you never left us to being with!

    Why don't we continue the auction for Relay for Life anyway at the Trace Too. I think the contributing artists will be glad to donate their works for such a great cause.

    I personally am so happy that you are back with us in Second Life Kylie! It is nice that the Trace Too will continue but having you back is the important thing!

  2. Welcome back ms kylie and i will do my best to continue my support for you and the trace too. We are blissed that all is well for you have been in and on all of our hearts. ~empressAzy~

  3. Wow, it is a greatest news!!
    Welcome back, Kylie :)))))

  4. Thank you all so much!!! It is great to be back and I have to apologize for people thinking the worst...it was handled badly :(
    @Eddi, yes, I believe they are going to continue with the auction until the end. What a wonderful thing y'all did. I was/am greatly moved and overwhelmed by the support. Love & hugs to you all!

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  6. such a good news you are still with us! welcome back! <3