03 August 2015


Opening today, Monday, August 3 at 12 pm slt at the Dathúil Gallery, is Lovegasm, a duo show by Mr. & Mrs. S. (or Saka Infinity and "Laura, a surprise package in the kink department"), with respective flickr streams here and here. Embracing the minimal ambiance of the dathúil gallery, they opted to display their images on the ceiling, where several rows of photos can be viewed from two sides, and every two and a half minutes the display flips from textures by one of them to the other. (Local chat in the gallery informs viewers which artist's work is being shown — in the images below, Mrs.'s is at top, and Mr.'s is a the bottom, appearing on the same objects.)

Their beautifully executed images capture moments in time, both artists preferring to work without poses ("You get much more soul and feeling in a picture that way," says Mrs. S.), and portray themes of sexuality, eroticism, voyeurism, dominance and submission, simple portraiture, and above all intimacy. "And of course," said Mrs. S. as the three of us talked, "I picked Mr. S's pictures and the other way around." On the second level, they've rezzed a little "kinky shed" that's currently decorated as a bakery (the design will change weekly) with some "extra" things — some more visible than others — and invite photographers to make use of it. "With the furniture and the kinky shed we try to show the visitor our world," she added. "So not just with our pictures." Lovegasm will remain on display through August 30.

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