06 August 2015

Reduced Territory

Now open at Wolves Land, curated by Vita Theas, is Reduced Territory, an installation by Haveit Neox. A modest square platform is ringed with lattices suggestive of an urban landscape, a highway billboard positioned in one corner, all surrounding a large rock in the center, representing the last bastion of wilderness. From the edges, running toward the center, wolves (appropriately) run toward that singular point of refuge, seeking the last area where they can survive as humans encroach.

Haveit offers these words as context for the installation:

   Squeeze the forests down, and seize the oceans!
   We are masters of the earth: the great builders, shapers of the planet.
   Wildlife runs, swims, flies, and crawls into leftover spaces.
   They cannot escape our growing appetite.
   As the last wolf packs run up the sole remaining wild rock,
   we congratulate ourselves for our nations.

Reduced Territory will remain on display through the month of August.

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  1. Perfect capture as always.
    It was very honor to meet you !