07 August 2015


Sommergewitter, by Seraph und Nida Nirvana, lives up to its name, meaning summer thunderstorm in English, with rain pelting its visitors and bolts of lightning striking its sandy landscape. Explorers and photographers will no doubt enjoy wandering its three islands (bring an umbrella), which offer lovely sim-wide views across rolling hills.

Aside from the prominent lighthouse and several large houses situated near the water, the land is spotted with odd bits of debris and objects — beached boats, a bicycle, driftwood, fence posts, pianos, fish skeletons and other things. A few animals, especially sheep, roam about (narrowly missed by a lightning strike in the top image). Couples looking for places to relax with discover them here and there, inside and out — all the various buildings and spaces are open to the public. (Thanks to Anita Witt for posting a lovely image on flickr that caught my eye.)

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