26 August 2015

Farewell to Santaurio

When Jac and Romy Mornington opened their sim Santaurio back in April, 2014, it wasn't intended to be a long-term project. As sim designers, the couple loves to create new places, and their thinking was that the sim would change sometime in the fall. "It was supposed to be open for one summer," Romy told me today, "but people kept begging us to keep it open. So we thought, 'One more summer.'" In fact, after originally writing about Santaurio here, I posted last December that it would be closing to make way for a winter theme.

But now time really has run out: the sim will close in two weeks, as it's "time for a new project," says Romy. The lush tropical island will make way for something new, so it's last call to board the crashed plane along the water's edge and to explore the region's offerings. During this farewell period, the sim will be open to everyone, and visitors can also enjoy Jac and Romy's newer creation, Bella Pace, about which I've written here.

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