06 August 2016

Behind the Curtain

Opening tomorrow, Sunday, August 7, at 12 pm slt, is a new exhibition at the Dathúil Gallery of Art by photographer Daze (a.k.a. Daisydaze or Daze Landar) entitled Behind the Curtain. Featured in the themed images, all centered around the milieu of the circus (although not all literally depicting circus scenes), are a number of other noted artists, including Elizabeth Nantes, Dathúil curator Lucy Diamond, Syn Zane (Syn Beresford), and Keane Addison (stage hand), as well as Daze's partner, Owen Landar.

"Behind the Curtain is the beginning of my exploration of who we are in the spotlight and out," says Daze. "The circus without a doubt is a great metaphor for life...the big show under a massive tent. The greatest show on earth!" Visitors who would like to know more about Daze and her work — and in particular her process in developing this exhibition — would be well advised to read an excellent interview with by Kate Bergdorf, published by Kate two days ago on her blog, here. The exhibition will remain on display for approximately one month.