25 August 2016


"The only thing that you absolutely have to know," said Albert Einstein, "is the location of the library." Opening today, Thursday, August 25, is Library by Cica Ghost, a miniature world filled with stacks of books, a studious librarian, a few cats, and a colorful, giant bookmobile. The librarian, whose desk is positioned to welcome visitors — or perhaps to keep a sharp eye on them — seems engrossed in an old, weathered tome (or perhaps a musical score), a green parrot perched by her side and a cup of black coffee at the ready. ("A grumpy old lady. She is nice — she just looks bad," says Cica.)

The library seems to have run out of shelf space: books are piled and stacked everywhere, often precariously, towering over the wooden floors. Other volumes are strewn about on the ground, tossed this way and that, looking as if they belong right where they rest. A large forlorn tree looks down over the entire scene, its one bare lower branch home to a crow and a trio of mushrooms.

Visitors will discover poses here and there — on the mushroom branch, on chairs, on a bed, on a window, on the branch next to the parrot, and elsewhere — and dances for one or two people at a time are available via a couple of the cats. If you enjoy Cica's work, please consider leaving a contribution at the landing point, or by enjoying items from her store located here in Appalachian.


  1. Such a fabulous idea for a construction!

  2. I like very much your photos of that build (as I always do with your pics). I made a video there, so we can enjoy again remembering it :) https://vimeo.com/210281479